The Winnipeg Vegetarian Association is a non-profit group dedicated to fostering and encouraging vegetarianism in Winnipeg through social and educational activities. Our Association was formed in 1993 on World Vegetarian Day (October 1).

A vegetarian lives on a plant-based diet, free of all animal flesh – meat, fish or fowl of any kind. Some vegetarians (vegans) exclude all animal products from their diets while others may include dairy products (lacto-), eggs (ovo-) or both (lacto-ovo vegetarians).

Our Association recognizes that our members are vegetarians or interested in vegetarianism for a variety of reasons – including personal health, compassion to animals, concern for the environment, respect for peace and non-violence, concern about world hunger and religious beliefs – and that not all members share all of them. The Winnipeg Vegetarian Association seeks to provide a forum for discussion on all facets of vegetarianism.

The Winnipeg Vegetarian Association is run entirely by volunteers and is always looking for members interested in becoming more actively involved.